BIOCAPTIVATE: A think tank to promote and enhance creativity, curiosity, and diversity (cognitive and otherwise) in biological research, engineering, education, and policy.

We reimagine social-political-economic narratives, structures, and selective pressures to combat monoculture, conventional wisdom, austerity and (needless) hustling in science.  We augment interpersonal and inter-organizational relations. We empower and celebrate introverts and outsiders. We reject small talk, and we encourage large changes.

We catalyze ongoing dialogue to improve the practice, culture, and communication of biology to the benefit of our planet.  With appreciation for the art of the possible, we use this dialogue to craft a dynamic playbook to shift Hallin’s spheres and Overton windows regarding issues affecting science and scientists.

We explore how topics such as awe, metacognition, time perception, networked lateral thinking, and “the third culture” relate to building and creating sustainable scientific policies.